Facts To Remember About Advertising


Our advertising program, a tried and proven one, has been established from surveys and studies made by the Realtor's National Marketing Institute, and educational marketing and merchandising association of Realtors and sales associates. It is based on the experiences of the most highly successful real estate brokers in the country.


Advertising does not sell real estate - our people sell real estate.

There are many ways of merchandising your home; newspaper advertising is just one. Contrary to what most people think, newspaper advertising is not a major source of clients. Newspaper advertising's goal is to make the phone ring and to meet new prospects so we can find the home they are really looking for.

Some houses will draw more calls, so we may use them more often. We are just like the ratailer who has specials to get customers into his store so that they will look at the rest of the merchandise.

Many times we have several similar houses and try to not advertise them on the same day, because a caller is really a prospect for all of them. By running each house at a different time we give each owner more coverage.

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